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Second meeting of National Technology Council

13 April 2017 HEC, Islamabad
Second meeting of National Technology Council

ISLAMABAD, April 13, the 2nd Re-held bi-annual meeting of the National Technology Council (NTC), an accreditation and registration Council established by Higher Education Commission to monitor and accredit diversified technologies degree programs at bachelor level, was held at HEC Secretariat. Eminent academicians from reputable Higher Education Institutions, practicing engineers, technologists from all over the country, representative from various Ministries and Pakistan Engineering Council participated. The Council focused on the agenda of Quality Technology Education and improvement of diversified 4 years technology degree programs at Bachelor level, to realize the vital need of advance Technologies and competent technologists for the economic development of the country. Major General (Retd) Akbar Saeed Awan Chairperson of the Council was in chair.

The Council formulated several sub-committees on various technology disciplines to administer NTC’s, accreditation and registration process based on transparent policies, procedures and criteria. These sub-committees includes committees on Engineering Technologies, Life Sciences Technologies, Allied Health Sciences Technologies, Agriculture Technologies, Applied Physics Technologies and Computing Technologies.

The National Technology Council, in order to improve the existing engineering technologies education programs, recommended to HEC to formally launch in all engineering disciplines BSc Engineering Technology, four years degree programs, comprising of 16 years of academic learning and call for National Curriculum Review Committee (NCRC). The Curricula will be having substantial equivalence with international standards, including Supervised Industrial / field Training during 7th and 8th semesters and pave the way to mutual recognition agreement on academic qualifications with other countries and attain signatory status of Sydney Accord. Pakistan Engineering Council was in line with this proposal in view of earlier decision in this regard at Ministry of Science & Technology (MoST) level and assured its full support to further NTC’s Vision, Mission, Objectives and synergy of resources to ameliorate lots of Engineers and Technologists so vital for the advancement and economic development of the country.

In his concluding remarks the Chairman NTC expressed his profound gratitude and appreciation for all the participants for their participation in the meeting.