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Eighth meeting of National Technology Council

Eighth meeting of National Technology Council


8th Meeting of National Technology Council (NTC) was held on 10th February 2022 at 11:00 AM in Committee Room of National Skills University, Islamabad. The Meeting was presided by Mr. Imtiaz H. Gilani, Chairman NTC.

The 8th Meeting was scheduled to be held in Lecture Hall of HEC HQ, but it overlapped with an emergency meeting at the venue, therefore it was shifted to Committee Room of National Skills University Islamabad. The meeting started with the recitation from the Holy Quran. After a round of introductions, Mr. Imtiaz H. Gilani, Chairman NTC welcomed the Council Members and apologized for the last-minute change in the venue. He then highlighted the challenges faced by engineering technology education in Pakistan and NTC’s critical role as a regulator

After that the Agenda of the Meeting was discussed. Mr. Muhammad Fahd Amin, Acting Secretary NTC presented each Item and approvals were taken. Salient points are as follows:-

  • The Council agreed to limit the number of section(s) and students, to one section of maximum 50 students, for those HEIs who are running the program on shared faculty basis. Dedicated faculty with dedicated HoD/Coordinator will be required for two sections and students’ population of 50 or more.
  • The Council agreed to standardize the nomenclature of engineering technology programs to Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Discipline)/BET (discipline).
  • National Curriculum Revision Committee (NCRC) meetings for 10 programs are under way. NTC plan to develop curricula for the 10 additional programs being run in the country in Phase 3 and Phase 4.

    Sr. # Programs
    Phase 3
    Sr. # Programs
    Phase 4
    i Information Engineering Technology vi Chemical Engineering Technology
    ii Archetectural Engineering Technology vii Fashion Design Engineering Technology
    iii Energy Engineering Technology viii Mechatronics Engineering Technology
    iv Petroleum Engineering Technology ix Industrial Engineering Technology
    v Avionics Maintenance Engineering Technology x Cyber Security Engineering Technology

  • Currently NTC only issues a certificate to registered technologists. Many technologists are asking for cards that they can easily carry in their wallets. The Council agreed in principle that cards should be given to registered technologists.
  • Currently graduates are registered based on a 4-year engineering technology degree only. Some B.Tech (Pass) graduates have obtained master’s degree in engineering or technology from foreign universities, who are asking for registration in NTC even if they do not have a BTech (Hons) degree. The Council agreed to register such cases who have done master’s in engineering or Technology programs after B.Tech (Pass) degree. However, to ensure that the foreign degrees are acceptable by HEC, and this concession is not abused, a sub- committee was constituted to review each application for eligibility.
  • At the end, the Chairman expressed his gratitude to all participants, and applauded their participation, contribution, and wise council in the 8th Meeting of NTC. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.