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Seventh meeting of National Technology Council

14th October 2021 HEC, Islamabad
Sixth meeting of National Technology Council


Seventh Meeting of National Technology Council (NTC) was held on 14th October 2021 at 11:00AM in Lecture Hall, HEC HQ, Islamabad and the following decisions were taken. The following decisions were taken:-

  1. HEC announced overseas scholarships for Master’s in Technology programs for Bachelor of Engineering Technology graduates. The Council appointed a Sub-Committee to help place B.E.Tech. Graduates in engineering technology programs at master’s level.

  2. The Council approved conducting Supervised Industrial Training in summer semesters each year, with prior approval from Chairman NTC and Accreditation Committee.

  3. Admissions in Engineering Technology Programs.
    1. F.Sc. Pre-medical students be allowed admission in Biomedical Engineering Technology Program with additional mathematics course to be taken at undergraduate level (B.E.Tech. level).

    2. Clause 6 ‘c’__ In the case of vacancy occurring in the office of the Chairperson, instead of Member of Commission to be nominated by Chairman HEC to look after the duties, the Vice-Chairperson NTC, or in his absence, HOD of QAA-HEC may look after the duties of the Chairperson.

    3. F.Sc. General Science students who have studied Computer Science be allowed admission in Information, Cyber Security, Computer, Electronics, Telecommunications and Avionics Engineering Technology Programs.

  4. The Council allowed one-time ex post facto permission to regularize weekend programs running after 2018 that have been converted into regular programs now.

  5. Enhancing Out-of-Station Ceiling for Accreditation Inspection Committees It was decided that payments beyond 3 Daily Allowance attract serious audit objections and must be avoided. However, in special circumstances, the government allows persons to be paid 50% of the cost overrun, which NTC can follow.

  6. The Council approved an honorarium of PKR 10,000 to Council Members of various subcommittees working under the auspices of NTC (like Curriculum Development Committee, Accreditation Committee etc.).

  7. NTC had amended bylaws in 5th Council Meeting and pegged pay scales to Project Pay Scales (PPS) to be market competitive. In the latest recruitment, the advertisement said BPS instead of PPS. It was decided that NTC pay scales must be pegged to PPS.

  8. Employees working for any organization need to have medical coverage, currently NTC does not have a medical facility in place the Council agreed with the premise of providing medical coverage to NTC employees.

  9. The Council approved extension in cut-off Date for Registration of Engineering Technologists.

  10. For registration of foreign graduates, the Council advised to draft a policy after consultation with Ministry of Interior to be placed before the next Council Meeting.

  11. Many HEI’s hire non-technologists to work as laboratory instructors, it was decided that only persons holding degree in Engineering Technology (B.E. Tech) should be inducted in BPS-17 or equivalent, for demonstrating and conducting experiments in laboratories.

  12. To allow equitable opportunities to engineering technologists for further education, and leaning-in on the inherent capacity in UET’s, it is proposed that UET’s be allowed to start Master’s programs in technology. The Council approved the idea in principle, with the additional proviso that since PhD’s in technology are very rare, the condition of PhD degree in technology for teaching be relaxed till they become readily available. A PhD degree in relevant engineering field should suffice for now.